Meet Jenny

I’m a lifestyle photographer and San Antonio native. More than that, I’m a dynamite dog mom and freelance free spirit. I have an obsession with bohemian babes, nature, lovers, and alliteration. Oh, you want to know more? Well, read on, my friend. Read on.


On a usual day, you’ll find me lounging in the grass, sipping lemon tea, and editing photos. The sunlight will be streaming through the leaves of an old oak tree, and my dog, Roscoe, will be napping by my feet. I’m a lifestyle photographer, a marketing magician, and a poet. I love being outdoors and have an allure for life’s little details, but if you’ve been following my work you might have guessed.

I love to keep things organic, honest, and real. Like a Sunflower. My goal is to take images that are small glimpses into your lives, as well as your souls. Capturing little slices of who you are, naturally. I get to know you as an individual, and provide an atmosphere that is both candid and carefree. I keep things light, and lovable, letting moments unfold authentically. I will never pose you, because you are not a plastic doll sitting on the mantle. You are a living, breathing, beautiful soul. Instead, I’ll direct you and do just about anything to make you laugh. I might even whip out my arsenal of terrible dance moves.

If you look back on these images years from now and get those warm and fuzzy feels, then my heart is full! I wish for nothing more than you to embrace this experience and remember who you are in this moment, forever. We all need roots to grow.

Hey, thanks for getting to know me a bit! Want to see something cool or what?