Meet Jenny

Hey, babes! If you’re looking for a quirky art chick with an allure for nature hikes, cacti, kitties, and an obsession with making you feel like the boss bitch you are… I think you’ll like it here. Stay a while?

Hello, friend!

Hi, I’m Jenny! You’ll come to realize I’m not your average lifestyle photographer. I grew up against the grain, and was always a little bit… well, odd. I was raised in Adkins, Tx, on a little farm that’s not a farm. The city itself is best described as a town where cows outnumber people, and my personal aesthetic made for many raised brows. Ya girl was bullied for her freckles, passions, and style. Conformity was not an option, though. I learned early on that I didn’t need to be modest to be respected. I just needed to be me.

Now I’m out here flexing my weird, and owning every magical bit of myself. If you’re doing the same, you’re my kind of creature! If you’re not… go ahead and dip your toes. The water is warm and, honey, you were born to be anything but basic.

Down for the vibe? Follow the sun, and peep some of my forever favorites!

If you’re feeling bold, bloom on like the wildflower you are and book your session.